What is the iDTrustShop?

Imagine this. A fridge full of iD Fresh Food. In your residential community or place of work. But there are no salespersons, no cash counters, no cameras. Pick up your food and pay for it when you can. Either in full, or in parts. Because this fridge runs on trust.

An idea is born

On location

Touched by Trust

This is a fantastic and truly innovative idea. I'm truly impressed by the progress of iD as a company. 1 million customers and counting, and a new way to reach them all.

Professor DVR Seshadri, IIMB

Good one. I need to say it’s a revolutionary step in consumer goods sale. Thoughtful marketing combined with values that you actually demonstrate, now that’s what build a great brand.

Nisha Shoukath

This was installed in our apartment complex over a month ago and is working very well. It is extremely convenient for the residents and I hope that many more people will be able to make use of it.

Ramesh Hasyagar

It shows that if you believe people, they won’t cheat! It is great to notice that good people exist around us. One of the very positive things in the news.

Venkataramani VS

Find an iD Trust Shop

Chitrakut Environs

LVS Excellency

Bharath Golf View Apartments

Sobha Garnet

iD Head Office

KPMG-Embassy Tech Village

KPMG-Embassy Signet

KPMG-Salarpuria Hallmark

KPMG-RMZ Ecoworld

eBay PayPal

Philips Innovative complex

Bearys harmony Homes

Rose Garden

KPMG-Indiqube Zeta

MBR Steeple Apartments

Anisha Stoneyards

Classic Royale Garden

Pride Apartments

Santara Magan Apartments

Salarpuria Sanctity


Nandi Park

Thomson Reuters, OMR

Thomson Reuters, Yemalur

Vivarata Maagan Apartment

Rani Meyyammai Towers

Reddington India

Vertex Prestige Apartments

J & J Hospitality, Phoenix Infocity Pvt. Ltd

RIL, Ashok Gardens

Reliance Corporate Park

Write to us at with details of your apartment complex or corporate office. And our team will reach out to set up an iD Trust Shop there. Because we trust you. And it means the world to us.